Create a new plastic era!


Guangzhou Plastic Forum and the 15th South China PVC Products Club were successfully held in Guangzhou Circle on December 20. With the theme of "New Era, New Ideas and Total Development", this meeting aims at promoting the healthy development of PVC industry, deepening business cooperation and realizing enterprises’ interconnectivity and win-win cooperation. Nearly 200 people including industry association experts and representatives from upstream and downstream enterprises attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhou Yifeng, Chairman of Hongda Xingye, expressed his warm congratulations on the convening of the meeting. Mr. Wang Yuyue, Deputy General Manager, said in his speech that as the supply-side reform and financial market reform achieved substantial progress in 2017, overcapacity was initially resolved and the profitability of the PVC industry further expanded. However, with a series of contradictions and problems such as increasing environmental pressure, severe safety situation and weak innovation ability, the development of industry still encountered obstacles.



Although the meeting time is short, the content is very rich. Through the distinguished guests' speeches and the warm exchanges among representatives from the upstream and downstream enterprises, all of them were looking forward to the performance of the market in 2018 and placed high hopes for the next session.


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